Enterprise Health is a comprehensive employee health record solution that delivers occupational health and compliance, clinical care and employee engagement on a single, highly-interoperable, cloud-based platform. It’s the only occ health IT solution in the market built on an ONC-ACB certified EHR.

When the coronavirus pandemic began, Enterprise Health collaborated with its employer clients to rapidly reconfigure established medical surveillance and pandemic response capabilities to respond to COVID-19 requirements. The company introduced Channel-19 and made this technology available as a standalone application to other organizations that were struggling to monitor their employee populations.

During this presentation, participants will discover how Channel-19 functionality health systems need to:

  • Collect and monitor employee COVID-19 symptoms via an electronic self-reporting questionnaire
  • Track test results, quarantine periods, risk factors and work-at-home accommodations
  • Streamline the documentation of patient encounters and management of cases including work restrictions
  • Perform contact tracing
  • Quickly view critical data to make decisions and share information

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