Presenter: Amber Perez MHA, CSPHP

Director of Clinical Services- Wy’East Medical



Equipment Showcased:

  • Whitney safety platform walker
  • Weight Capacity 330lbs
  • Functionality: Powered stand assist – caregiver injury prevention, platform patient walker, safety belt-fall prevention

 Patient Scenario:

Griffin Perez is a 16 y/o trauma patient recovering from a motor vehicle accident (MVA). Griffin suffered a minor TBI and complex fracture of his foot and ankle. The patient was transferred from the ICU to the step-down unit today, with increased mobility and activity orders placed as part of his new plan of care. Griffin is non-weight bearing on the left extremity, he is young and strong. Griffin is on narcotic pain medication and reports feeling dizzy and unstable after medication use. The nurse is asked to help Griffin improve Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) and to get up and out of bed for ADL’s to improve strengthening.

 While the patient is young and strong, he does require assistance to come to a standing position because of balance issues, even though this is a “pediatric” patient he is physically larger than the nurse. A platform walker will help the patient to bear weight through his upper extremities as he navigates learning to walk and get around on his own. The patient is a fall risk related to balance issues after his accident and dizziness during medication administration. The nurse will use the Whitney platform walker to assist the patient to stand and transfer to the restroom for morning ADL’s. This will offer patient falls prevention and prevent caregiver injury.

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